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out short and sharp and we like that. thanks very much. hillary clinton and obamacare making this statement before crowd of young people at the university of miami, i am quoting directly. having access to health insurance, not connected to employment, subsidized as it is under the affordable care act, liberates you to choose what you want to do in your life. obamacare liberating our youth. liz: this is another billboard advertisements madame secretary clinton is providing for obamacare. they need the young people to coming, 40% of enrollees to come in selling anything they can do to say health reform is good for the underground they will promote. stuart: she is buying into obamacare even though it is under attack. that is very important stuff. check this out. and the cigarette that can play music and make phone calls. we got one of them here on the set and you will see it next. (vo) you are a business pro. seeker of the sublime. you can separate runway om fashionhat flies off the dicuusneshelves. and from national. because only national letsou choose any car in the
for business. ♪ stuart: robert rice led the secretary under mr. clinton. he has economic lessons he thinks we have forgotten. first america's real job creators are consumers whose rising wages -- the rich does better at a small share of a rapiddgrowing economy. higher taxes on the wealthy to finance public investments improve the future productivity of america. tax the rich more. your take, charles? charles: there's someone in in a new york city courtroom that is taking the social security check from an old lady. he is talking about theft. how can the wages rise if the company will not advance their products. how can the wages rise? he is talking about legalized theft at the end of the day. sandra: the job creators -- we are a consumer driven economy. we need to get rid of that. two thirds of the consumer drives our gdp. stuart: breaking news. another tech ipo. this one is a big one. aly baba announcing its plan to go public sometime this year. we called them the amazon of china. yahoo! has a big stake in ali baba. it is going public this year. that will be a big one. your take on harry reid
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2